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Ear Training
Ear Training

Hi to Everyone! how are you? Hope Everything is fine, I was busy recently, but found the time to do a little experiment of multiple improvisation. I recorded the piano part as a result of a creative meditation. After this... (More)
Hi, here's a transcription I did during the quarantine here at home!
Jimmy Blanton's Sepia Panorama with D.E. Orchestra.
let me know what you think!
Have a nice day!
(Falk, I uploaded correctly a pdf, thanks!)
HI, I just finished to transcribe this song and I prepared something like a leadsheet. Let me know if you find any mistakes or if you have any suggestions. I'm looking forward! take care Andrea PS. why am I not... (More)
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Ear Training
Last year I found the course I used in college years (casette version...) on Ebay. It works pretty well for me for now; as much as you put energy in it.