From maestro Benny Green's FB page:
"That's okay - you keeping playing [the bass] the way you do, and I'll NEVER be out of work".

This was a statement made by Ray Brown in a workshop with young bassists, each of whom could solo fast in the upper-register yet couldn't lay down a mature walking groove to save themselves - and these words were spoken by Ray 25 years ago, when the state of the art of the Jazz rhythm section was in vastly healthier shape than it is today.

The truth is that the profound art of sexy time-playing in Jazz is rapidly dying, and to put it most gently and mildly, it is beyond the rarest thing to find real time-playing in youth who are chasing, following and "liking" each other's tails. They may think they're advancing the art because fans tell them that they are, but a real artist must have a conscience, because It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing.

I get the impression that many kids think that "swinging" means "playing with energy" and high-fiving each other to signal the audience that they're throwing down.

Swing is a rhythmic thing. Does "smashing with energy" equal making love?

The kings and queens of the music will never be eclipsed - they are THAT great. The kings and queens rightfully considered Ray Brown one of the very greatest ever, and to many of them such as Ella Fitzgerald and Oscar Peterson, Ray Brown is THE greatest.

Having video and audio documentation of Ray Brown not "lecturing", but actually coaching a student, is a godsend to those who want the real thing, but heretofore understandably assumed that they'd missed out generationally on "getting to see Ray live".

He's right here for you if you actually want it, but watching this won't necessarily gain you more illusionary social media power - this instructional session is solely for the rare kind of people whose aim is to get to the Music and who can find their bounty in dedicating their lifetimes to the living spiritual art of time-playing.

The Music itself is the ultimate payment that a real musician can ever receive.

As has been said, "If you take care of the Music, the Music will take care of you".