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Introduce Yourself!
Introduce Yourself!
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Howdy. I'm was born in Indianapolis (home of Wes / Freddie Hubbard /JJ Johnson, etc.). I've been living in London since '84. I'm a psychotherapist and manage a London Univesity Counselling Service. In between the day job I try to... (More)
I’m a bit late with this..I’m a guitarist. I teach (online since March 2020!) and used to perform a few times a month with various bands playing original music, jazz and Brazilian. Hope to get back into live performance, but... (More)
Hi, I'm very glad to be here. Thank you so much for the opportunity! I'm Andrea, I'm 29 and I live in Italy. I play bass. I studied in Conservatory Classical and Jazz music. I'm looking forward to discover new... (More)
Owner - Tayst the notes
I'm a fan of so many music styles and instruments I feel blessed every day to decide WHICH one today? It's so awesome to have music to make in the crazy world. Bring the peace one note at a time.... (More)