I wrote this tune "Tales of a Thousand lakes" in memory of the great Pierre Vandormael. He was a great musician, a great composer and has a genius musical mind. He was one of the few musicians that made me cry when I saw him playing live and he opened me the gate to a landscape of infinite creative possibilities. Thank you so much Pierre !

We recorded the theme of this tune, each of us at home during the quarantine period.

Pierre Vandormael was a great composer and teacher , He wrote a great book (one of the greatest Iโ€™ve read) ยซย Four principes to Understand musicย ยป about Harmony and music just before he passed away a few years ago : www.pierrevandormael.com โ€บ Book
I think his concepts might interest a lot of people here. https://youtu.be/46KZiH4dpNM